Ways to Speed up Your Grocery Shopping

Some people love grocery shopping, but for others, they want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible and finish up the chore. There are some things though that can help to make every shopping trip more enjoyable for everyone. And they will also help save time when doing the weekly grocery shopping.

Start with a List

This is one thing that many people know helps when it comes to grocery shopping, but still they do not do this regularly. A list not only helps to ensure you have everything for that week’s meals, but also helps to prevent impulse buying, and saves time wandering around the store trying to decide what to buy. If there are things that are purchased every week, it is possible to also start off with a list template with these items already printed on the top of the list each week. Then just fill in the rest of the items needed for three meals a day and healthy snacks.

Staying Healthy with Whole Foods

Whole foods are usually fresh food items that are not processed, and the majority or all of the food is consumed. The majority of these items are located around the perimeter of the store. For instance, produce is usually on one end of the store, with dairy and meat items along the rest of the outlying areas of the store. By knowing where these areas are located, it can save a shopper a lot of time from wandering around aimlessly, or making impulse purchases of less healthy food options. Also keep in mind these areas often change to offer fresh items that are seasonal, and usually at a better price than non-seasonal fresh food items. Lastly, when purchasing fresh items, look for refrigerated items that will not expire right away, so they do not have to be purchased and wasted mid-week. The same is true for vegetables and fruit. Look for the freshest looking produce, that will last longer in your kitchen, or plan on using it right away so it is not wasted.

Whole Food MealsDo Not Get Lost in the Aisles

In general, the aisles are designed to keep shoppers in the store and to spend the most money. The shelf stable items are also often not as healthy of an option as fresh food items, as they have been processed. To prevent spending extra time and money in the aisles, use the list to know what items are in the aisles, and avoid any unnecessary aisles. If items purchased regularly, you will already know where they are located. If not, this will require getting to know the store and what aisles these items are located in, or simply asking a clerk before wandering around looking. This will help to reduce impulse buying as well as result in healthier food choices.

Use a Shopping Routine

By using a grocery shopping routine, it helps to reduce the amount of time spent wandering around. It can also reduce spending by knowing in advance what to expect. Part of this routine also means knowing what times of day, and days of the week, are best to complete your grocery shopping. By knowing when the store is less crowded, it is easier to navigate the store and also helps to ensure everything on the list is purchased as distractions from other shoppers are reduced. If it is easy to make excuses to avoid going to the grocery store, setting a regular weekly routine of when to complete shopping will also help to ensure it is done each week, and yoru kitchen is supplied with the necessary items to prepare the meals for your family. Not to mention it will reduce the need to make a trip at the last minute, creating a rushed situation, which requires additional trips later to finish getting items needed.Have a Backup Plan

Just like many other things in life, it may be necessary to have a backup plan when going to the grocery store. If life happens, which it does, and the weekly grocery trip is not able to happen when it is normally part of the routine, a backup plan is still necessary for being able to still get the groceries needed, or to prepare an alternate meal instead. One option is to keep items in the freezer, like vegetables instead of fresh. It is also possible to keep frozen chicken or not processed meats for these times. Not to mention, having a stocked pantry with staples like dried beans, oatmeal, and rice make it possible to have an alternate meal planned just in case. And as a last resort, find out if the local grocery store has a delivery service, and the process for placing an order. Though there is often a delivery fee associated, it is still usually significantly less than that of ordering take out.