What to avoid and how to get best deals – Some Black Friday Shopping Hacks

As the holidays are coming nearer and we are all set to enjoy it, we definitely need some new clothing accessories and gadgets as they play an important role in making our holidays fancy. We know many online sales platforms, which has become popular during holiday seasons this year but there are few platforms, which became extremely popular due to their exclusive deals. Online deals during black Friday and cyber Monday have become very popular this season.

1. Use cash back to amplify your deals

With slash in prices of devices, dressing and expensive tech, it’s a golden chance to purchase gifts at an affordable price. There are many deals on the products including instant cash back offer. Cash back sites allow you to get money back on purchases. All the stores create their own cash back systems. They give you reward points or tokens which can be redeemed in your next shopping. Few websites give you up-front cash back as in discount on buying flight tickets, holiday plans etc. Websites which does these type of deals includes Top cash back. Few credit cards are also there which offer the same deal while paying through their gateway

2. Setting up real-time accounts before the big day

Before you get all set for online shopping, you need to create online accounts. Creating online account is a very easy process where you need to fill up all the personal details including address and phone number. After logging up for the accounts with all the shopping platforms you might feel like shopping on, store your particulars so that you can get on the deals without wasting crucial time, unless you are not serious about bagging a bargain.


3. Make use of credit card instead of debit card to pay

Instead of using a debit card always use credit card, this way you make sure that if the transaction goes wrong your bank will end up balancing the bill instead of you.It also has a plus point that if the product fails to come or some seller cheats you on purpose then Card Company has anobligation and you have an option to ask for a refund. In practice, getting the bank to live up to this promise would not be easy though it's worth your time and energy. If you are not familiar with the websites or if you have some doubt regarding payments double check or take screen-shots of all the information regarding payments. This way, you will have the proof of the whole deal and you can prove it to the bank in case you do not receive the purchased item.

4. Haggling, Good or Bad?

Even after knowing all the deals regarding the sale, which has yet to come at the starting of Black Friday, you can still bag a bargain or cut a little more off the cost price using online chat boxes.

If you are not sure about haggling or talking for more discounts, as it appears awkward to you, don’t worry at all. All you have to do is to enter the deal or coupon code for the discount into the website’s online chat box. If the offer prevails, you will get a discount otherwise no discounts will be given.

5. Get stalking on social media

If you are crazy about shopping and you just need discounts or offers so that you can fulfill all your wishes make sure that you follow all the varietiesof brands at Black Friday on, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. You can get exclusive offers there too.

Be careful, as there are loads of fake deals, which are found on Facebook and other social media platforms. Always double check before applying for any deals as all the fraudsters constructeye-catchinglooking deals asking all the users to ‘like’ and ‘share’. Their goal is to make that deal most searched or viewed so that they get more people attracted towards it. Never give your personal details to those fraudsters and always make sure that the merchant accounts you follow are certified with a blue tick, that way you are safe.

Always double check the deals promoted on the messaging app, whatsapp etc as recently cybercrime service has emphasizedupon a scam that is really awful.