Online shopping secrets revealed to blow your mind

From now you are going to be more and more excited to shop online. We are going to reveal some of those facts, which will help you in buying your favorite stuff at a lesser price.

  1. Using of browser shopping extensions like Honey to automatically add coupons with your shopping cart


You can add shopping extensions to your web browsers such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome free. These shopping extensions will help you in automatically fetching coupons for you and then these coupons will be added to your shopping cart automatically.

   2. Ask for offers, discounts, and coupons directly from the online vendors.

You might have several times ignored the chat box popping in front of you while surfing the online shopping portals. Those chat boxes can get you some great deals, unbelievable discounts, and some fancy coupon codes as well.

If you do not find a chat box you could also use their services such as e-mail, calling the customer care center, or tweeting them (According to Racked) on their twitter handle.

  1. Never ever lose trust on your expired coupons.

If you have a coupon and you see that the coupon has expired, do not get upset and throw it in the bins, instead call the customer care center and ask them whether you can use the coupon or not. It has been observed that usually, the online vendors allow you to use the coupon or will provide you with some other deals.


  1. Use notifications services likeLyst to get information when your favorite item goes on sale.

There are many websites and mobile applications that notify you when your wish list items are available on sale or have some great offers on it. These services also notify you when these vendors add new stock onto their portals.

     5. Use cash back offers using Ebates from the providers.


There are several providers that provide cash back on shopping with their associated online vendors. Use the cash back amount for further transactions related to the other portals etc.

      6. Walk out suddenly after surfing on the online vendor's portals.

If you surf for a very long time on the shopping portal, and suddenly walk out of the portal, you are sure to get notified from the vendor and the notification always has an offer with it. Yuho!

  1. Are you a student? Use your power youngsters.

Almost all the online vendors are providing discounts to students of college or graduate schools. The discounts are not too high but money saved is equal to money earned. Never miss an opportunity to save.

  1. Waive the shipping charges.

Yes, you can waive the shipping charges laid on to you by opting to get the product delivered at your nearest prominent store instead of getting it delivered to your address. This way you will get your product delivered early than usual, you have been getting it delivered.

    9. Do not have discount coupons. Buy it!

There are many websites that provide the facility to buy discount coupons to the customers which are valid on multiple websites.

You could use these coupons and shop your favorite goodies.

  1. According to a survey, Tuesday’s are best for shopping online.

Each weekday has its own specialty and shopping on Tuesdays from online portals is the best choice of the day. According to the survey, Mondays are good for car buying. Wednesdays are good for buying groceries, jewelry, shoes, and golf equipment. Thursdays are good for buying handbags and clothes and Friday is good for refueling your vehicle(s).

  1. Get credit cards from the stores. They are beneficial.

You get very good offers when you use the credit or debit cards of the specific stores. Sometimes you could feel that money is actually no object for you because you have a credit card. Hahaha!

  1. Signing up to e-mail newsletters.

It has been observed that brands and store usually prefer informing there set of customers through e-mail before they make the offers available for the public. It is always beneficial to sign-up for the e-mail newsletters. You could also follow them on social media websites to be aware of what’s in the stores or portals and what are the offers and discounts that are running.