Tricks and tips to find your favorite running shoes by spending less

We all understand the pleasure that we get from running. Running is one of the best and easily doable forms of exercise one can do without spending money to pay the membership of the gym and it becomes delightful if you find some good outdoors and have good pairs of running shoes available with you. Here, we will help you out in understanding that how you can get some good pairs of running shoes and save money on them as well.

For beginners, it is not at all necessary to connect with the fitness devices and spend money on them. It is important that you have running shoes that make your running enjoyable and comfortable. If this is your first time when you are buying a pair of running shoes, you should go to a shoes specialty shop near you. The sales executive over there can help you out in understanding which type of shoes is better according to your feet type. You might be thinking how you have saved money over here. While you are buying pairs for the first time, you do not know which type of running shoes is better for you and opting to buy it from other sources can land you in distress and losing motivation for the same.

Opting to buy from other sources is only beneficial once you understand the types of running shoes and which one has the stability to provide you comfort while running.

The important tricks that we have listed down on finding your favorite running shoes by spending less money are:-

  1. The best time to shop

The best times of the year for finding absolutely best deals on running shoes are in the month of January and in the month of April. In January, the stores have the intention to attract people as people are excited due to the beginning of New Year and stores like to take advantage of the same intention and throw great deals and offers for boosting up their sales.

When April arrives, the people want a change in their routine as they have been through cold weathers already and want some good bright colors attracting them. Seeing this stores and brands bring cool offers to compete with other brands and prompt people to jump into their stores. 


     2. Choosing the right type of store to shop your running shoes

The best types of the store to shop your pair of running shoes are the factory outlets of the company in the malls and the departmental stores.

The factory outlets usually provide the products at discounted prices than that available in the market. Factory outlets are provisioned by the government and are given leverage in taxation and thus, they benefit the customers in the form of providing discounts.

As concerned with the departmental stores, they wish to move out the slow moving products fast by providing discounts and offers on them (such as running shoes etc).

     3. Searching for your pair at online portals

Once you are aware of the type of fitting that is suitable for your feet and comfortable while running, you can find your favorites at the online portals such as Active GearUp and The Clymb as they deep-deep offers and price cut at non-season sales time. All you need is to sign-up e-mail newsletter with them and they will keep you updated with the offers coming on their portals.

  1. Choose to find a year older manufactured shoes

It is recommended that you should go and find the year-old fresh pieces as these are the ones on which stores and retailers provide rate cuts so that these products can move out of their stores. Maybe, you won’t  find the latest technology used in the manufacturing of these running shoes but a year won't change a lot on the part of technology.


We hope that this piece of information is quite helpful for you in finding the best pair of running shoes and makes your running delightful, comfortable, and, pleasurable form of exercising. In the beginning, you will have to go to some stores and find which one is suitable for you. After some time you will become an expert in this.

Happy buying and happy exercising!