Shopping Trends for Consumers Who Want it now

The fast paced lifestyle many consumers live, has created a number of different trends that are a result of the desire to have instant gratification. The internet and the ability to go shopping without ever leaving home or stepping foot into a store has helped to further these trends and the desire to have a specific item immediately. The result has been a number of different companies offering customers options to accelerate the buying and delivery process. Some include the ability to order from a national retailer who then can deliver items within an hour. Others now offer digital options for certain goods that can be downloaded at the time of purchase instead of having to wait for the item to be delivered in the mail.

Amazon and Internet Retail Giant

One of the leaders in meeting the growing demands of customers who want their purchases immediately without having to go to a store is Amazon. The company was one of the first to offer an annual subscription to customers, which provided them with not only rushed shipping for free on a large selection of items, but they have also begun to focus on even faster ways of delivering customers’ orders. They have been diligently working on the ability the use of delivering smaller orders via drones. In addition, throughout France, Amazon has made it possible for consumers to purchase a car and have it delivered to their address within three days time. The result has been customers are able to have an entirely online shopping experience and have gratification of receiving their purchases significantly faster than more traditional methods of shipping.


Same Day Service

Like Amazon’s desire to provide customers with same day service, other companies are also looking to find ways to accelerate the customer’s experience. This has also carried over into a number of different industries. For instance, in the United States, many pharmacies have begun to offer walk-in appointments for minor healthcare needs, which allow the patient to not only be seen but also pick up any medication or over the counter health aids all in a single visit. A similar concept is also seen in England, where Doctaly provides same day appointments with a general practitioner. The consumer is able to not only get quicker medical care, but have also been more satisfied patients. The response has been so great that the company plans to expand further. For even more convenience, the company Push Doctor has made it possible for patients to have an immediate consult with a physician online.


No More Grocery Shopping

Another growing trend is the development of companies and business models that have reduced the need or even eliminated the need for consumers to step foot into the grocery store. An example of this is seen in online grocery companies, like Peapod, who then allow groceries to be delivered to the consumer’s address during a specific time frame. Other traditional grocery stores have begun to offer same day delivery, like Vons in the United States, or even one hour delivery, like Sainsbury in the United Kingdom. For those consumers who do not even want to think about what needs to be on their grocery list, and simply want someone to do all of the planning, shopping, and delivery for them, there are also companies like Hello Fresh in the United States. The meals are prepared entirely at home, but the meal planning and grocery shopping is already done for the customer and delivered weekly.  Download that App

The use of apps for shopping across a number of industries is also growing. Whether looking to purchase groceries, medication, or the latest technology, there are a number of apps that make it possible to speed up the buying process, and can be used on a mobile device. This can save consumers even more time, allowing them to shop on a lunch break or while riding a train on their morning commute. In addition, apps have changed the way people order food from restaurants. Food can now be ordered, including office catering, and then be delivered to a person’s home or office for a fee. Food orders can also be placed for specific delivery times, making it possible to order in advance, and know a meal will be delivered and ready at just the right time.

Fashion Fast Forward

Consumers looking to purchase the latest fashions also want the newest pieces as soon as possible. As soon as an item is seen at shows like New York Fashion Week, there are consumers demanding it be available. As a result, many of the world’s top designers have begun to allow customers to begin purchasing items seen in fashion shows immediately, instead of having to wait for them to become available in stores.