Getting the Most Out of Your Amazon Shopping

Amazon has become one of the greatest online retail companies throughout the world. Initially the company sold books and print materials to customers, but quickly expanded its business model to include a wide variety of other products. Because of the large amount of different products and affiliate sellers on Amazon, knowing how to get the most out of shopping with Amazon can often become difficult to navigate. Here are some common tips for Amazon customers looking to further improve their shopping experience.Amazon Prime

If you frequently purchase an item from Amazon, the membership to Amazon Prime is essential. For just under $100 USD a year, rush shipping on eligible items is free. Memberships can also cover family members who live at the same address, and include a number of additional perks. One of which is the ability to watch a number of television shows and movies through Amazon for no additional charge. Another great benefit is the ability to take and store photos using Prime Photos for free. Photos can be added using the app, and stored for safekeeping, helping to reduce the need for additional storage on a mobile device or paying for cloud storage. There are also a number of different specials available for Prime members, and Amazon is constantly looking for ways to improve their members’ experiences. 

Take Advantage of Free Items

Many customers do not realize this but Amazon often offers a number of different free items and benefits to consumers. One of these is the ability to access a number of free books in electronic format. The eBooks can be read on a Kindle or another mobile device with the Kindle app. Some sellers also offer free shipping, which may not require a Prime membership to be able to access. Usually this is for slower shipping, so if not in a hurry, these are great options for additional savings. Book rental is another great way to save money. While the rental is not free, it is significantly cheaper for pricey textbooks, and then is able to be returned to Amazon using free shipping. The least known way of getting free items from Amazon is through their product review program. To be eligible, Amazon has to see a customer has written a number of helpful reviews before sending a personal invite. Do Not Forget the App

Amazon has a number of different apps to help customers. Whether looking for an app making shopping on Amazon fast and simple, or looking for their app for reading eBooks, Amazon has the right app for their customers. Add to that the ability to use the Amazon app to scan barcodes when out shopping at local retail stores, and customers can quickly review prices on the site to see if they can save money ordering online instead of purchasing it at a retail store. And of course there is an app for being able to view videos and music as well. Amazon really has thought through all of their customers’ needs and sought to met them using mobile apps. The apps are available for Apple and Android devices.

Even More Cost Savings

Most online shoppers know about sites like Retail-Me-Not that provide coupon codes for various sites. While there are occasionally codes found on these sites for Amazon, there are also additional ways to have more cost savings. There are a number of “national brands” that offer online coupons, which Amazon honors. But it is not necessary to track which ones have coupons and which do not. Amazon places them right on the screen of qualifying products for easy access and additional savings. For those who purchase the same items regularly from Amazon, there is an option to “subscribe and save” and have shipments sent regularly of these items. There is a discount for subscribing, and also additional savings for purchasing specific numbers of items at a time. This is a great option for things like diapers, trash bags, or even laundry soap. And do not forget to check out the “Deal of the Day” or Amazon’s Outlet and Warehouse pages where additional savings are also available.